Repairs and restorations

We make repairs and restorations at the highest level.

Cracks, breaks, damage caused by wear, deviation of the stick, replacement of pieces of precious metals and top quality wood.


In general, anomalies and defects in good quality bows can be repaired to achieve a partial or total restoration so that the bow works as it should. This type of work increases the intrinsic value of the bow, sometimes multiplying it.


Regular review and evaluation is of great importance because small imperfections such as the curve of the stick, a bad camber, small cracks or bumps, can lead to major problems or a malfunction of the bow. It is here where the work of the bow maker takes on great value for both the collector and the musician.

Salvador J. Martínez


TELÉFONO: +34 630 392 635

DIRECCIÓN: Calle Alisma 35, 41111 Sevilla