After many years of study and dedication to music and his instrument, the viola, Salvador J. Martínez decided a few years ago to use this knowledge to develop himself in a much-needed and at the same time little-cultivated activity in Spain, bow making. He manages to create this study of artistic luthiery based on bows for stringed instruments. Our work philosophy focuses on the union of the musician with the luthier, on listening and understanding, and on the sincere treatment between both, essential to cover the personal needs of each musician.


Among our services we highlight rehairs, repairs, restorations, replacement of parts, correction of curves and any type of consultation and advice that you need.

A personalized service for the construction of modern and baroque bows and a complete service to find old bows from particular french makers and to put them in the highest level of performance. We are specialists in this kind of bows and we also can help you to get a good certificate of authenticity.


In Salvador J. Martínez workshop, we offer a wide variety of old, restored and new bows of various qualities that can cover all your needs. 

Our inventory is changing all the time so you can contact us to ask about what bows are available right now. Queries

Salvador J. Martínez


TELÉFONO: +34 630 392 635

DIRECCIÓN: Calle Alisma 35, 41111 Sevilla