Maintenance service

The maintenance service is essential for any bow in use, as time goes by and the repeated use of any bow will cause wear and certain modifications in the structure of the wood.


This structural change to which we refer does not have to be harmful or cause significant damage, however, it will drastically influence the performance of the bow, since it modifies the curvature of the stick randomly. The curve of the bow is essentially the quality of the modern bow that balances and directs the forces that affect the stick during its use, hence the importance of keeping it correct.


On the other hand, the wear produced by use can be harmful and cause significant structural damage in some basic areas of the bow. To avoid this, we must keep some of the protective parts in good condition, such as the lapping or the face in the bow tip that they are easy to replace.


Some of our maintenance services are:

- Cleaning and polishing of varnish, wood, metals, etc.

- Replacement of the lapping with silver, nickel, double colored and leather wound.

- Screw and pin adjustment.

- Curvature adjustment and configuration.


Salvador J. Martínez


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